Every year, the Florida Lottery releases a new ticket for one of their Monopoly themed scratch-off game family, Bonus Spectacular. We were tasked to increase awareness about the new cash prize levels, along with topping last year's sales. I was honored to come up with the original idea, which we then fully developed as a team. Originally, this was intended as a traditional live-action shoot, but due to COVID-19, in person productions were pretty much canceled at the time. We then decided to work with a renowned production house, Roof Studio to create one of the first fully 3-D animated spots done at our agency.
Credits and Co-Creators: Concepting: Xavier Rivera, Tatiana Kalba, Nick McMurdy, Christy Beegle, Ivan Gonzalez
Development / Creative Direction: Nick McMurdy, Christy Beegle, Ivan Gonzalez
Writers: Nick McMurdy, Tatiana Kalba, Ivan Gonzalez
Animation: Roof Studio 

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